Sourcing Specialists

The task of efficiently locating approved service, parts, equipment and components can be a daunting task given the depth of the marketplace.

Skypac maintains offices in the US and abroad that makes identifying the right source easier and far less expensive in terms of time and budget. Our sales representatives across the world are in constant contact with the domestic and international military community and suppliers within their regions.

c130 flying

Bringing buyers together with sellers is what Skypac does.

Skypac implements plans to assure customers’ orders are met with specified quality and delivery times. Skypac provides the necessary documentation to establish the expected performance of the action plans and timelines. Ensuring our customers receive the best is our goal.

soldiers loading tractor

c130 repair crane

Sourcing Products

We excel in sourcing parts for out of production and obsolete systems, hard to locate items, foreign manufacturers, and specialty technical components.

navy offloading cargo

Sourcing Services

We have established relationships with MRO providers in all corners of the globe for a wide variety of platforms. Skypac will source the right service provider to fulfill your specific needs.