In the world of government and military contracting the difference between a profitable and successful outcome, or an infinitely delayed and seemingly endless cycle of bureaucracy and unprofitability is…..knowing how to efficiently represent your interest and navigate the process.

Skypac draws upon nearly 70 years of global military and government contracting success. We are absolute experts in winning the complex world of military industrial contracting. We can win for you.

c130 cargo
f16 cockpit repair

Subject Matter Expert

From localization and cultural in-country protocols to navigating the corridors of government, you need a partner with unquestioned subject matter expertise.

Skypac also maintains an unmatched level SME on a wide variety military airframe and power plant systems which include the Lockheed C130 and P3 Orion.


Skypac provides compliance solutions which enable an organization to legally complete defense transactions within the parameters of international regulations.

  • Licensing & Agreements
  • Assessment
  • Policy & Procedure
  • Training
  • Registration
  • Turnkey Programs

Contract Expertise

Military industrial and governmental contracting is complex. Don’t negotiate on your own. Small to mid-level suppliers always seem to be at a disadvantage. Put the knowledge of Skypac on your side.

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